1. Desist (Remix)
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Desist (Remix)

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Song title: Desist ‘’pronounced: dɪˈzɪst
Artist: Sebastian Azul & Co-produced by: Sebastian Azul
Chorus written by: Sebastian Azul
Produced by: L bandy
Verses written and performed by: Hustie & Mell300

Intro (Sebastian Azul saying: S.I.C
Intro tag: Sebastian Azul and Alicia Wonderland Azul
Miscellaneous (whatever your genre)

[Hustle Verse 1]
Watching from the side-lines,
I know you got the hots
Playing hide seek,
I’ve been built to take the job
I will take my chances
I bet against the odds
I will two steps forward
As soon as I get the nod
Boss, you know I like it cause
She independent
I am big man round here
But I’m in my feelings
I move like a rude-boy
I hope you’re not offended
Sunglasses in the dance so the vision’s tinted
Never tainted
I never sip liquor so I’m never faded
Playing hard to get man, I’m all frustrated
I run the town, so I’m never shy to chasing
We in it for the long so the boy is pacing
…drip too damn amazing
……..shy girl making subtle hints
Big heart nuff love yeah we get it in
[Main hook 1]
Baby, it’s all in your eyes
The moment that you, realize
It was meant to be, you and I
Oh baby, don’t you think twice
[2nd Hook]
Desist, Desist, Desist (Desist)
Desist, Desist, oh Desist (Desist)
And give in, give in, oh give in
And give in, breathe in, oh give in

[(In Jamaican Creole) MEL300 Verse 2]
Girl mi know yuh like mi, and yuh know like yuh too,
And with a little persistence tonight mi know mi might get yuh,
Fi join mi pon di dance floor,
And mi know seh after once dance you ago want more fi sure.
So stop playing so hard to get,
Cuz if yuh gimmie piece a yuh body yuh nah regret no,
Mi can see it seh yuh want mi girl,
So gimmie a chance fi mek dis one-night yuh cyah figet!
Cuz dis is it, girl just desist stop resist,
Cause mi know yuh heart a wait pon Cupid arrow fi visit YEAHH!
Just gimmie a chance fi shoot mi shot girl if is even a minute.
Cuz dis is it, girl just desist stop resist,
Cause Mi know yuh heart a wait pon Cupid arrow fi visit YEAH!!
And I don’t want be too explicit
But di loving weh yuh have fi share a mi yuh fi give it!!
Peek-a-Boo, I see you